About Us

Silikoni Ltd is a company which carries on the tradition of Prva Iskra - Silicones and Adhesives. The main activity is the manufacture of silicone oils, silicone defoamers, silicone emulsions and silicone pastes.

The company is equipped with modern machinery and manufacturing industry equipment: vessels for distillation, dispensers, colloid mills, measuring and regulating equipment, etc. Each product is certified in its own laboratory.

Silikoni Ltd, as successor to the program of Prva Iskra - Silicones and Adhesives, which was a pioneer in the manufacturing and selling of silicone products in former Yugoslavia, has ambitions to restore the same dominant position in the internal market and in the markets of neighbouring countries. Our long experience in the manufacturing of silicone helps us to achieve this goal.
The high quality of products, which customers can rely on, is the principle on which we base our business.

Our company is dedicated to the expansion of the range of products and always strives to follow global trends in the production of silicones.